Friday, June 1, 2007

The Blogosphere

Although many might think that blogging is a fun, easy way of communicating on the web; I would beg to differ. After keeping a blog for a quarter I have came across many obstacles that has made me not enjoy blogging.

Having a blog is a lot of hard work. In order for you to have a blog that would generate a purpose you would have to comment on other blog entries for others to do the same to yours. If no one is reading your blog I feel that it would be wasting your time posting it. Commenting on others blogs can take awhile for you to read many of the entries and comment on them. Many people post daily so for you to be able to keep on track what the person talks about it would take a lot of time to read them all.
It was very difficult to find the time to go and comment on others blogs to be able to get others to want to read mine. Although, I have found many who do it on a daily basis such as Andy Dickinson. He post an entry almost daily and has been blogging for many years. His monthly archives dates back to April 2006. I would find that rather difficult to keep one the long but some do not. I found it difficult to post one entry a week for a quarter because I would run out of ideas to talk about or find it hard to make time to post and comment on others sites.

The biggest problem that I had with my blogging experience was other people making rude comments about comments that we had made on a persons blog. I feel that some people were taking things to serious. I think the internet is an informal way of communicating considering that you don’t know who the other people are and probably never will. If they did have problems with some things that were left on another persons site they should either have been nice about it or never said anything about it in the first place since it was not their blog we were commenting on in the first place.

I had left a comment on a blog along with others that were in my class and some had made a few grammatical errors. Rather then the blog owner making comments about our mistakes it was others who read his site. The called the people who made mistakes kids since they made mistakes with their grammar. I believe that everyone makes mistakes and they should not have been so rude about it. I feel they were hiding behind there computer and just wanting to start arguments and what fun is that to anyone besides the people that get a joy of arguing. They also brought up things like our professor needing to be teaching us other things then just blogging which he has done more than just taught us that. They assume things and then try and argue with others and be rude.
Arguing with someone you don’t know and someone who hides behind a computer screen is not my idea of entertainment or a good form of communication. The many who left comments on the Defective Yeti blog chose not to put their blog address when they left comments but would argue in the comment area of the post we commented on. Arguing with someone you don’t know gets you nowhere in life and wastes my time. I have so much school work and a job that keep me busy that I don’t need to argue with someone I don’t know to make myself feel better. I don’t care what people think of me let alone someone I don’t know.
There are many different types of blogs as I found out by reading the book Never Threaten To Eat Your Co-Workers by Alan Graham and Bonnie Burton. The Defective Yeti blog had a few entries in this book.. Had I choose another blog to comment on I may not have felt so negative towards blogging. The book showed us that not everyone would have been so rude and that blogging could be a fun way to get your ideas on the internet. Another book called We’ve Got Blog, was a good book to show us how the different blogs could be set up. Not everyone writes the same way nor sets up there blog the same way. Everyone has their own idea of blogging. People should be able to respect that but some try to make everyone do it their way or be rude about it if they don’t. Therefore ruining the opportunity for others to have a good experience blogging and wanting to continue it unlike myself.

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