Friday, June 1, 2007

Still not knowing where im going to school next year is causing alot of stress. Its time to start signing up for classes for next year if I plan on staying at OSU but there is one big problem with that. If i do stay at OSU then I will have to start taking classes at main campus winter quarter becasue the classes I need to take are not offered at the newark campus. How frustrating is that?

The thought of driving to columbus in the winter scares me. Im not the greatest driver in the city. I hate sitting in rush hour traffic and I hate driving in the snow. Combining those two things together just makes me not want to go to main campus. What am i to do though if i stay at OSU. I would not want to live in columbus either. I like living in a small town and just hate the thought of going to a big city. I wish that the newark campus had many more classes to offer. I was only able to take like a year and a half at this campus for my degree and i think thats bullcrap! I have heard of other people transferring to OU-Zanesville for the nursing program there so i plan on looking into that considering Zanesville is closer to my house then Columbus and the city is not as big as Columbus.
I know many people who are going to main campus but i just think i would hate going to class there. I have been up there to hang out and party with my friends but is it the place for me to go take classes?
The Blogosphere

Although many might think that blogging is a fun, easy way of communicating on the web; I would beg to differ. After keeping a blog for a quarter I have came across many obstacles that has made me not enjoy blogging.

Having a blog is a lot of hard work. In order for you to have a blog that would generate a purpose you would have to comment on other blog entries for others to do the same to yours. If no one is reading your blog I feel that it would be wasting your time posting it. Commenting on others blogs can take awhile for you to read many of the entries and comment on them. Many people post daily so for you to be able to keep on track what the person talks about it would take a lot of time to read them all.
It was very difficult to find the time to go and comment on others blogs to be able to get others to want to read mine. Although, I have found many who do it on a daily basis such as Andy Dickinson. He post an entry almost daily and has been blogging for many years. His monthly archives dates back to April 2006. I would find that rather difficult to keep one the long but some do not. I found it difficult to post one entry a week for a quarter because I would run out of ideas to talk about or find it hard to make time to post and comment on others sites.

The biggest problem that I had with my blogging experience was other people making rude comments about comments that we had made on a persons blog. I feel that some people were taking things to serious. I think the internet is an informal way of communicating considering that you don’t know who the other people are and probably never will. If they did have problems with some things that were left on another persons site they should either have been nice about it or never said anything about it in the first place since it was not their blog we were commenting on in the first place.

I had left a comment on a blog along with others that were in my class and some had made a few grammatical errors. Rather then the blog owner making comments about our mistakes it was others who read his site. The called the people who made mistakes kids since they made mistakes with their grammar. I believe that everyone makes mistakes and they should not have been so rude about it. I feel they were hiding behind there computer and just wanting to start arguments and what fun is that to anyone besides the people that get a joy of arguing. They also brought up things like our professor needing to be teaching us other things then just blogging which he has done more than just taught us that. They assume things and then try and argue with others and be rude.
Arguing with someone you don’t know and someone who hides behind a computer screen is not my idea of entertainment or a good form of communication. The many who left comments on the Defective Yeti blog chose not to put their blog address when they left comments but would argue in the comment area of the post we commented on. Arguing with someone you don’t know gets you nowhere in life and wastes my time. I have so much school work and a job that keep me busy that I don’t need to argue with someone I don’t know to make myself feel better. I don’t care what people think of me let alone someone I don’t know.
There are many different types of blogs as I found out by reading the book Never Threaten To Eat Your Co-Workers by Alan Graham and Bonnie Burton. The Defective Yeti blog had a few entries in this book.. Had I choose another blog to comment on I may not have felt so negative towards blogging. The book showed us that not everyone would have been so rude and that blogging could be a fun way to get your ideas on the internet. Another book called We’ve Got Blog, was a good book to show us how the different blogs could be set up. Not everyone writes the same way nor sets up there blog the same way. Everyone has their own idea of blogging. People should be able to respect that but some try to make everyone do it their way or be rude about it if they don’t. Therefore ruining the opportunity for others to have a good experience blogging and wanting to continue it unlike myself.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Why did you choose to blog about being a nursing student?

When we were first told about having to write a blog for the quarter and that we would have to post each entry on the same topic and were told we had to come up with a topic I didn’t know what I was going to choose. I then decided the best topic for me would probably be on the career choice that I want to be because many things going on in my life right now revolve around that. I think that when you are in college and have decided a major that everything you do will pertain to that major. The main focus in a college students life is their major I mean after all that is what we are going to college for.

There have been many things that I have done that I would never had done before wanting to be a nurse like volunteering at the hospital. I figured I would write about the many different things I have done because I decided I wanted to major in nursing. I also decided I could write about the experiences that I have had with college classes which also fit into my topic category. College is my life right now and so much revolves around it so I knew that if I were to choose this as my topic I would be able to write a lot and I would be able to share my experiences with everyone who has never done them.

Friday, May 18, 2007

There are times when I just start thinking about my future and wonder do I really want to be a nurse the rest of my life? Picking a college major seems like the biggest decision I have to make and sometimes I just don’t think im ready to pick what I really want to major in. I have said I have always wanted to be a nurse and I think I would love it if I was but there is always that feeling of not being sure.

Sometimes I just wish that someone told me what I had to major in. Then again I wouldn’t want to listen to them if that was how it was. There are so many of my friends that are changing their major because they don’t like a certain class and don’t want to have to take it again. That makes me want to do the same thing since I will more than likely have to re-take Biology 101 again since the first time I took it I got a low grade in it. If I did change majors though I wouldn’t know what to change it to and I would always wonder what if I just stuck it out and became a nurse like I have always wanted to be. I hate making big decisions sometimes.

The last big decision I made on my own was trying to decide if I wanted to go to the nursing college I got accepted to in Mansfield or if I wanted to stay home my first year. Now that I chose to stay here I always wonder if I made the right decision.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Final week is just a few weeks away. Its hard to believe that it is that time again. There is so much I need to do before that week comes. I don’t know whether to get excited because it is also time for summer and I will have a lot of time to hang out with all my friends who are starting to return home for summer break or getting nervous and stressed because after all it is the last set of finals to take this quarter.

Things I’m looking forward to:

  • Going to California for vacation
  • Rock on the range concert
  • Friends
  • Nice weather
  • Laying out
  • Shopping
  • and Much more.

Things I’m not looking forward to:

  • Finals
  • Summer English Class
  • Working
  • Studying
  • Being stressed
  • Packingand
  • Much more.

The things im excited for are what will get me through the other things that will stress me out. Before I know it, it will be time for fall quarter to start up. It seems that the summer time always goes super fast. Still not sure where I want to go to school at next year will also be a big decision I will be making here shortly which is also kinda stressful. I don’t want to make a decision I will regret.

Trying to find time for family is also very hard considering everyone works and everyone, like myself is so busy. I love spending time with my family and I wish I would do more of it in the summer. Trying to see other family members that don’t live in my house is also difficult because most live out of town so you have to find a lot of time that you can spare to be able to spend time with them. Trying to get everything accomplished will keep me real busy, but im still excited for summer!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

When I came across a blog by a future Registered Nurse I knew I would be able to relate to her entries. One blog entry really caught my attention. She had read a couple articles involving health care and expressed her feelings on the articles.

One of the issues regarding health care that are effecting almost everyone happened to be an article topic that was addressed by Hillary Clinton, who is running for president. Hillary preceded to address one of the issues in the New York Times.

The health insurance issue was that agencies are trying to make it so the if you have red-alert DNA that it will be very hard to get insurance or that you would not be able to get any at all. People can not help how there DNA is and should not have to pay the price for something that is determined by genetics. This is a problem when people cannot receive health insurance because medical procedures and medical visits are highly expensive and most people cannot afford to go to a doctor so they will not go and they become very ill in some cases. This is not fair to the people who cannot afford to go to a doctor who need to be treated for life threatening matters. People should be able to afford to go to a doctor if it is a serious problem or even for a small problem. The blogger and myself agree that health insurance is a problem but we think that there is a bigger problem that could help fix some of the problems being addressed.

Another article that was in the same New York Times magazine was on a mysterious contagious disease known as the monkeypox. This disease was contagious therefore; the people who had to treat the patients had the risk of maybe catching the disease themself. Many doctors would not treat the patients and some nurses sacrificed there health and stepped up and agreed to treat the patients. The doctors should not be able to say that will not treat a patient because they may catch a disease from the patient. They wanted to go into that profession and part of that profession is caring for disease therefore no matter what may be needed for the care of their patient they should be required to do just that.
The articles and many people are overlooking the fact that we need nurses and that there is a shortage. Without nurses these big problems cannot be solved. Every doctor needs nurses. Doctors cannot do the job on their own and in some cases doctors backed out and the nurses have had to step up and take care of patients themselves so obviously they are needed. The people addressing the other problems need to realize that many of the problems in the health care are based on that they need more nurses. With more nurses they would be able to treat more patients and solve many problems. They need to start looking at where the problems start not just where the problems lead to.

Nurses that you talk to will agree that there are shortages in the health care. The blogger would also agree. She also pointed out that a problem is people not being able to get into nursing programs because of shortages of teachers. It is very hard to get into a nursing program as I am beginning to find out; trying to get into one myself has been rather difficult and a lot of work..Shortage in nurse not only affects everyone in the world. Everyone needs health care at some point in their life, some more or less than others. Everyone should want to fix this problem because it could help with the other problems and it would benefit everyone. Many do not see the problem with the shortage of nurses because it is overlooked by many in the media industry. They are more concerned with other issues and don’t talk about the shortage so many are just oblivious to what is really going on. Many people look to the media for all of there information so what is not given they will never find out. The media needs to look into what the real problems are and inform others of the problems.

I know many people who work in the health care field and I think they all would agree with the fact that many of the problems in the health care could be fixed with more nurses in the field. Once people start to see the start of all of the problems and start from the bottom up trying to solve them that there will be less problems. I know that there will be some problems because nothing is perfect but I honestly believe that most of the problems result from the shortage and that if that is resolved then so will many of the other problems. When reading the blog entry, both of us are on the same level of thought when it comes to health care issues.

Friday, May 4, 2007

It is hard to believe that I am almost done with my freshman year in college. As the summer seems to be getting closer its time for me to start thinking about summer classes and classes for fall quarter. I’m still not sure if I will be attending OSU-N next year or if I will go to a different college.

I plan on taking a summer English class to get all of my English classes completed. I am not to thrilled about taking a summer class but many of the students I am currently taking my English class with are considering taking their last English class in the summer and I enjoy being in the same class with them all. I would rather take my summer break and not have to worry about any class and just relax and work, but then again, I think I should go ahead and take it since it I will only take the one class and it is only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I tried taking a night class my first quarter and did not like going to class so late because I would have rather been working or studying on my own time then having to go back to the campus so late. Taking a late class I had no motivation to do anymore homework or studying once I finally got home for the night. I was ready to relax. I am hoping that I do not hate going in the summer time but I guess I wont know unless I try it.