Wednesday, May 9, 2007

When I came across a blog by a future Registered Nurse I knew I would be able to relate to her entries. One blog entry really caught my attention. She had read a couple articles involving health care and expressed her feelings on the articles.

One of the issues regarding health care that are effecting almost everyone happened to be an article topic that was addressed by Hillary Clinton, who is running for president. Hillary preceded to address one of the issues in the New York Times.

The health insurance issue was that agencies are trying to make it so the if you have red-alert DNA that it will be very hard to get insurance or that you would not be able to get any at all. People can not help how there DNA is and should not have to pay the price for something that is determined by genetics. This is a problem when people cannot receive health insurance because medical procedures and medical visits are highly expensive and most people cannot afford to go to a doctor so they will not go and they become very ill in some cases. This is not fair to the people who cannot afford to go to a doctor who need to be treated for life threatening matters. People should be able to afford to go to a doctor if it is a serious problem or even for a small problem. The blogger and myself agree that health insurance is a problem but we think that there is a bigger problem that could help fix some of the problems being addressed.

Another article that was in the same New York Times magazine was on a mysterious contagious disease known as the monkeypox. This disease was contagious therefore; the people who had to treat the patients had the risk of maybe catching the disease themself. Many doctors would not treat the patients and some nurses sacrificed there health and stepped up and agreed to treat the patients. The doctors should not be able to say that will not treat a patient because they may catch a disease from the patient. They wanted to go into that profession and part of that profession is caring for disease therefore no matter what may be needed for the care of their patient they should be required to do just that.
The articles and many people are overlooking the fact that we need nurses and that there is a shortage. Without nurses these big problems cannot be solved. Every doctor needs nurses. Doctors cannot do the job on their own and in some cases doctors backed out and the nurses have had to step up and take care of patients themselves so obviously they are needed. The people addressing the other problems need to realize that many of the problems in the health care are based on that they need more nurses. With more nurses they would be able to treat more patients and solve many problems. They need to start looking at where the problems start not just where the problems lead to.

Nurses that you talk to will agree that there are shortages in the health care. The blogger would also agree. She also pointed out that a problem is people not being able to get into nursing programs because of shortages of teachers. It is very hard to get into a nursing program as I am beginning to find out; trying to get into one myself has been rather difficult and a lot of work..Shortage in nurse not only affects everyone in the world. Everyone needs health care at some point in their life, some more or less than others. Everyone should want to fix this problem because it could help with the other problems and it would benefit everyone. Many do not see the problem with the shortage of nurses because it is overlooked by many in the media industry. They are more concerned with other issues and don’t talk about the shortage so many are just oblivious to what is really going on. Many people look to the media for all of there information so what is not given they will never find out. The media needs to look into what the real problems are and inform others of the problems.

I know many people who work in the health care field and I think they all would agree with the fact that many of the problems in the health care could be fixed with more nurses in the field. Once people start to see the start of all of the problems and start from the bottom up trying to solve them that there will be less problems. I know that there will be some problems because nothing is perfect but I honestly believe that most of the problems result from the shortage and that if that is resolved then so will many of the other problems. When reading the blog entry, both of us are on the same level of thought when it comes to health care issues.

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