Friday, June 1, 2007

Still not knowing where im going to school next year is causing alot of stress. Its time to start signing up for classes for next year if I plan on staying at OSU but there is one big problem with that. If i do stay at OSU then I will have to start taking classes at main campus winter quarter becasue the classes I need to take are not offered at the newark campus. How frustrating is that?

The thought of driving to columbus in the winter scares me. Im not the greatest driver in the city. I hate sitting in rush hour traffic and I hate driving in the snow. Combining those two things together just makes me not want to go to main campus. What am i to do though if i stay at OSU. I would not want to live in columbus either. I like living in a small town and just hate the thought of going to a big city. I wish that the newark campus had many more classes to offer. I was only able to take like a year and a half at this campus for my degree and i think thats bullcrap! I have heard of other people transferring to OU-Zanesville for the nursing program there so i plan on looking into that considering Zanesville is closer to my house then Columbus and the city is not as big as Columbus.
I know many people who are going to main campus but i just think i would hate going to class there. I have been up there to hang out and party with my friends but is it the place for me to go take classes?


jessica myers said...


I really like your blog. I like the fact that your a strong individual, which I have said time and time again. I believe Nursing is for you, and my advice about choosing a school is this: Even though you feel rushed as to which school you should pick and where you should go, do what's best for you. If you don't feel comfortable enough driving to Columbus in the winter, don't take the chance. I would do what's in my heart if I were you. I think it's really good that your actually taking as long as you have been to decide where you want go.

Believe me, picking a school can be challenging!! Trust me when I say I know. Coming from a person who has attended THREE colleges and I am only a sophomore, I'd rather not see you go through that process. Nursing is a competitive field, as I am sure you already know this. My old roommate--soon to be new roommate...again:)--just recently got accepted into OSU's nursing school. I hope that you make the right decision and that it comes easy to you.

I really like how well your blog is laid out. For the most part, it's colorful. When you change the color of your text, it keeps me interested. I like change, so when it happens, I appreciate it. Another thing I like about your blog is you speak your mind, no matter what it's about or who said it. I think I can ALWAYS count on you to give me your honest opinion and that's something I value in a person. Like I said earlier in one of your beginning posts, I've been surrounded by so many fake people in my life, that once I do get around those who tell the truth, I feel like I'm kind of dreaming. I'm so used to it being lies here and there.

I do want you to know that I hope that you get accepted to whatever school you choose, and that you do well in your career because you are such a strong individual and that's what you need in life to carry you through, a backbone per say!!! Well I enjoyed being in this class with you and I wish you the best of luck.

ps- Have fun in Twinsburg this year, or next if it has already passed!!!!

Derek John Boczkowski said...


I know you're looking to hang up this blogging thing, but should you continue it, I'd advise against changing font colors in the same post. Good questions for you to ponder here. I can encourage you, though, that it's often good to move beyond our comfort zone--this is how we grow. Good luck!

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