Thursday, April 19, 2007

College is a big change from high school. I was so excited to finally get into college not expecting how tough it was going to be. The classes I have taken so far this year have just been general classes that everyone pretty much has to take but they are required for my degree choice, nursing. It is kinda of difficult getting into the classes that I want being a freshman. I have taken all classes that I will eventually need to take but they were not my first choice. Being a freshman also means that you can get stuck with a crappy schedule. I hate to take a night class which I did not enjoy at all. I would never take a night class again.
I was really shocked when I started enjoying some of my classes that I thought I would hate taking. Psychology did not sound very interesting to me and I was not thrilled about taking that class at all. After the first week of class I realized how much that psychology is involved in everyone’s life. I plan on taking another psychology class because it was something I enjoyed learning and I feel that is what college is all about.
I really enjoyed biology in high school but taking it in college was not as fun for me. I have completed one chemistry class. I really enjoyed my first chemistry class especially the lab. I love doing hands on work, I feel I learn a lot more than just going to a lecture or reading a book. I decided to take a second chemistry class and enjoy it also.


Derek John Boczkowski said...
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Derek John Boczkowski said...


Good post, although the link should be to more than a picture, because you can always inlcude the picture in your post. I'm curious--and it would have been nice if you wrote a sentence or two on this--why are you averse to taking another night class?


Nodie said...

hey Nadine
i understand how you feel.i took a couple of night classes also and i hated it. also i wanted to be a nurse by after hearing how hard it was to get in and stuff, i just decided to change my major to psychology. and yea i had a couple of stupid classes that i didnt like either. i also had classes that i thought was going to be bad, but it wasn't. i thought you wrote a good blog. and i hope you do well with the nursing career. good job :)