Friday, April 13, 2007

This summer I am trying to get a job at a hospital. I have put in my application to Grant and Riverside hospitals and I am also putting in my application at the local hospital, Licking Memorial. I liked volunteering at the hospital so much and had fun so I figured why not try and get paid for doing the same thing I have done at the hospital already.
I would rather work here at the local hospital so I don’t have to drive all the way to Columbus with gas prices being kinda high. I know many people at Licking Memorial already considering I volunteered there and my mother works there also. Im trying to get a job that will benefit me in the long run.
Working at a hospital does not have a lot of opportunities for someone who is not certified in anything or who does not have a degree but there are a few. I am trying my best to stay away from being a cafeteria worker but my mom has told me many times is all about getting your "foot in the door" and then it is easier to switch jobs once you have work experience there.
If neither place has a job opportunity for me or does not hire me im going to look into working at a local nursing home or somewhere local that has the same kinda of atmosphere. I don’t really like the thought of working in a nursing home, but it will be a job and im sure I can get use to working at one if I needed to.


Derek John Boczkowski said...


You use a comma with "but" between two independent clauses correctly in the last sentence; however, there are two similar sentences in which the comma is missing. See if you can find them.

A good blog overall. Next, work on supporting you ideas by linking to outside sources. 5/5

Amanda Gehres said...

That's a good idea to try to get a job at a hospital so that you are able to get some experence there. I've thought about trying to apply at some places but then too relized that I would really have to just work in the cafeteria. That doesn't really sound fun for me either. I've have some friends that work in a nursing home and they have said it's not all that bad, but if that is something that doesn't interest you then I understand that it would be hard to work there. Overall, I like how you are trying to get your "foot in the door" and see what nursing is all about!