Friday, April 27, 2007

My all time favorite Tv show is Grey's Anatomy. I make sure that I watch it every Thursday or if something comes up and I can’t watch it I go online the next day and watch the episode that I missed. Grey’s Anatomy is a show that is taped in a hospital and it shows the different patients that come into the hospital. They tell you what is wrong with the patients and you get to see how they treat them or watch the surgeries that they perform. I want to work in a hospital when I receive my degree so I think this show is perfect for me to watch and see how they do everything. All the surgeries and things they do seem like they are actually performing them.
It also has drama between the employees and the problems that they go through on a day to day bases which makes it interesting because we all know that things happen to all of us at one point in our life. All of these reasons makes me want to watch it over and over again to find out what happens next. I think in one way or another everyone is able to relate to the show so that makes it interesting.
Everything in the show is like what goes on in a real hospital except you get to know all the details and see how they try to fix each problem that occurs throughout the hospital. All the problems that occur are problems that im sure happen everyday in everyone’s local hospital. I also like watching shows like scrubs, ER and occasionally House; which are shows that are along the same set up as Grey’s Anatomy


The Nurse All Dressed In White said...

I always have wanted to start watching that show but I never know when it is on. It sounds like a show I can easily get into. I use to want to major in Criminology and got really into Law and Order, CSI, that kind of stuff. Still am, but since I switched over to Nursing, I'm sure that's definitely a show I can get into. I've always been into any medical shows. I really like the show Strong Medicine that comes on Lifetime. I watch that whenever I switch through the channels and it comes up. I think you might like that show, if you haven't already watched it before.

adesulu said...

I don’t watch TV shows all like that. When I do watch T.V I’m watching reality T.V, comedy and Espn. To be real I watch ESPN way too much. I might miss sports center like 30 times out of the whole year so I guess that shows where my piroteries are. I do want go get into shows like that cause I see that they win grammas and all but if I don’t I’m not loosing sleep. It does sound intrusting and if I get my mind right I tune in once in a wile. Good job and keep up the good work.

Derek John Boczkowski said...


A good post about a specific subject. Just work on paragraphing next. A few minor errors here, too. (For example, you wrote “bases” when you meant “basis.”) Also, TV show titles are always underlined (like you did with Grey’s Anatomy) are italicized.

My wife and I have become big Scrubs fans recently!


Borough1 said...

you are much, muuuuuuuch more literate than your peers.

however, it doesn't always make sense to take offense to the tone of blog comments when you're posting, on, say, a viciously sarcastic blog. being able to take abuse and dish it back in a funny, clever way is the currency of the web. people who take offense easily and fire back angrily are the peasants of the web, and they are expendable and replaceable.

Buster said...

Sesame Street kicks GA all over the place. Sesame Street is the best show ever. Go to youtube and catch up on some vintage SS!