Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Freshman Year

I have wanted to be nurse for a long time. I never knew how hard it could be to get into a nursing program. There have been many obstacles that I have been through this year. Being a freshman in college, everything is new to me, so it has been hard getting use to the college life.
During high school I was so excited to get out and have more freedom then I had in high school. I was excited to be able to go to class if I wanted to, study and do what I want when I wanted. The first quarter in college I thought was no big deal. I skipped class a few times. I didn’t study for a few quizzes. I stayed out late not to worried about class because I thought I would be able to be fine not studying like I was in high school. I was able to take a test and pass it fine. This effected my biology class the most. There was so much new information that I had not previously learned.
I got a 60 percent on my first exam. I wasn’t to worried about it because we had 3 exams and a final. For the second exam I went to a friend’s house before and we went over the study guide, so I figured I would be fine since we went over the study guide and I knew that information. The exam ended up having only a few of the questions which contained the information that was in the review. Therefore I didn’t do to well on the second exam either. I received another 60 percent. I kept telling myself I would study real hard for the next exam and go to every class and make sure that I stayed all class. I started getting real bored during lecture and would leave at the break. I just told myself I would study later that night the information they were going over during the half of the lecture I would miss. I didn’t end up studying later those nights because I would go out with my friends and have a better time doing that then I would be studying. Still, I did not really care about my grade in the class because I didn’t think I was doing that bad.
When it was time to take the third exam, I went and studied with my friend again. We went over the review sheet, Making sure we filled it all out and knew the information on it, of course we didn’t look at the other information that was included because it just took so long to do the review sheet and it always got late. She worked till about 9 every night so by the time I would get over there and we would study it would start to get real late. The class was at 8 in the morning which didn’t help me at all. I am not a morning person. I would set my alarm to get up early to study some more but would always want to sleep a bit more instead. I would plan to get up early and study before I would leave for class but always fell back asleep. On my third exam, I did worse then my first two; I got a 58 percent. I knew I would not do well in the class but I couldn’t change anything from that point.
Biology consisted of having a lecture and lab. We had two exams in lab also which would count towards our grade. I didn’t do too bad on either of those exams so I figured those would help out my grade. They didn’t help out my grade too much, just a little bit. I liked going to lab and had fun which helped me want to go to class. Before the final, I went and studied with my friend again and we went over the practice exam that we got. We also had a review sessions in class, and I studied a bit by myself at home. I never figured out what I got on my final but it was prolly around the same grades I had been getting. I received a D+ in the class; Which is not good at all. The grade I received in this

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