Friday, May 4, 2007

It is hard to believe that I am almost done with my freshman year in college. As the summer seems to be getting closer its time for me to start thinking about summer classes and classes for fall quarter. I’m still not sure if I will be attending OSU-N next year or if I will go to a different college.

I plan on taking a summer English class to get all of my English classes completed. I am not to thrilled about taking a summer class but many of the students I am currently taking my English class with are considering taking their last English class in the summer and I enjoy being in the same class with them all. I would rather take my summer break and not have to worry about any class and just relax and work, but then again, I think I should go ahead and take it since it I will only take the one class and it is only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I tried taking a night class my first quarter and did not like going to class so late because I would have rather been working or studying on my own time then having to go back to the campus so late. Taking a late class I had no motivation to do anymore homework or studying once I finally got home for the night. I was ready to relax. I am hoping that I do not hate going in the summer time but I guess I wont know unless I try it.


Derek John Boczkowski said...


The look of the post is much nicer, but remember that I want you to link in each post from here on out. There are a couple missing apostrophes here (in the first and last paragraphs) and some missing commas. "Summertime" is one word, and you mean "any more" (adverb + adjective), not "anymore" (adverb).

4/5 (missing link)

NYPRINCESS88* said...

So glad that you are going to take summer classes with us. You post is really good. It shows that you are anxious for the summer to start, but you also don't want to take summer classes. I understand. A lot of people do not want to go to school during the summer, and I would not want to stay at Newark any longer. That's just my opinion.